Sears Credit Cards & Shop Your Way Rewards

Sears Credit Cards & Shop Your Way Rewards

Anyway, I obliged and submitted a status update as requested. With this route, shoppers can achieve VIP status by meeting different requirements, based solely on how much they spend in a calendar year. Hot Tip: You can find additional details on this confusing program at their FAQ here. It doesn’t come with many perks, and it can only be used within the Sears Holdings family of stores (see list above) and on the Shop Your Way platform (see additional details below). Additionally, cardholders are automatically enrolled in the Shop Your Way rewards program (more details below) and are eligible for category bonus benefits as shown in the table above. At the time of purchase, shoppers may choose whether to apply all or just some of their rewards points. On the marketing page for the basic Sears Credit Card®, Sears advertises “the opportunity to earn additional Shop Your Way points when you enroll in Shop Your Way and use your Sears Card” — but it doesn’t elaborate.

  • Our Rating
  • Temporary Shopping Pass
  • Sears Auto Centers
  • Redeem for cash or statement credit
  • No annual fee
  • Pay with rewards or points
  • Unlimited 1.5% Cash Back on your purchases

The basic Sears Credit Card® only provides the opportunity for special financing and exclusive savings offers, which aren’t all that lucrative. It gives you an opportunity to shop 24/7. With the help of the internet, you can shop for an auto loan in your pajamas! It really comes down to whether or not you can serve them in a satisfactory way. For avid Shop Your Way users, I can see this being a nice feature. 30 days of the account being opened. Exactly 7 days later we both received an email alerting us that the fridge was ready to be picked up at the Sears store we had designated. So much for thinking/hoping that the first email may have just been a glitch. They’ve been building this platform for several years, so most of the kinks should have been worked out by now. Certain building codes will apply Utilizing your area thus transaction most of these out previous you begin your own construction. Writing the numbers and codes in a book is borrowing trouble. “These points often have their own requirements, like a minimum purchase, a quick expiration date or a certain category of items for you to redeem them on… FREECASH is similar to Surprise Points and not regular points.

Shop Your Way Points Deals

If you plan on making a charitable donation, check to see if your issuer requires a minimum number of rewards points to donate. Several credit card issuers offer bonus offers through their website, such as earning double or triple cash back by shopping through their online rewards mall. For example, some issuers offer an increased rate in special categories, up to a specified dollar amount. As you can see in the image above, the terms and conditions place a limit on the amount of spending that can earn bonus points between the gas, grocery, and restaurant purchases. Check to see what travel sites partner with your issuer. Alternatively, if you’re a traveler or are looking to travel more, then consider the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card, which is one of the most popular travel rewards cards out there. Lastly, Shop Your Way utilizes a type of dynamic bonus points called FREECASH, which is given to shoppers as a sort of thanks for being a loyal rewards member.

Neither Sears nor Citi discloses the exact credit score requirements for approval on these cards, but most sources agree that the basic Sears card is easier to get, with most applicants in the “fair” range being approved. On the other hand, some cards, such as the Discover it card, offer cash back, which needs no point-to-cash conversion. If you do spend that much, these cards could be saving you a decent chunk of cash. As die-hard Sears and Kmart shoppers have likely recognized, marketing priority has moved more toward their Shop Your Way loyalty program and the perks that come with its associated credit cards. All credit cards come with their own slew of fees and drawbacks, so how do the Sears cards stack up? If you haven’t yet registered, you will obviously need to do that first — then each time you come to the online platform you can simply log in. There are It That is quite trouble-free using Log In the same way your material with the construction. The platform actually acts like a shopping portal, where members earn bonus points just by using it.